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PostSubject: A Website Project About DotA Suggestion 

Hello ! First, sorry for my english and the apearence of this thread.

The goal is simple to understand : it will be a website where you can put your dota suggestions, like in the suggestion forums. You can search for suggestions made by others, vote for the bests, comment, etc. You can access your workshop which is kinda your profile page, where every of your suggestions are hightlighted. You gain levels by your activity and everyweek, the best suggestion is hightlighted to the main page of the website. You can easely share with your friends your suggestions pages and upload any when you want.

This website, if exists, will become very famous because there are many people who like making and discussing about suggestions. It will basically work like Steam Workshop.

Visibilty, possibility to be elected as the Suggestion of the Week/Month/Year (different prizes), discussions and comments, debats, badges, a clear presentation, possibility to participate to different a monthly/weekly contests, maybe rewards like Dota2 items, etc...

Q : why are you so sure peoples will use your site?
A : I make some market analysis before. Take a look a the Steam Workshop, senscritique.com, Tumblr, IMGur, yahoo answer, REDDIT, all 'badge social gaming based rewards app' on phone and pc, etc etc etc (not all in head).

The goal is not really to suggest things to Icefrog, but the activity itself of discussiong about and making suggestion, voting for the best of its catgory, etc. The best suggestion will got high visibility trough the web, so I'm sure Icefrog will see them anyway.

The website will have to try answering all of these questions :


A : also reviewing would need to be a bigger part of the forums then in playdota, thats a major problem in playdota. Everyone wants to be heard but noone wants to listen.
So points need to be given for reviewing.
Q : I have some ideas, like Karma when you review : the more you review, the more you earn points, points make you able to post new suggestions.

Haasva wrote:
22:30 - Apsû: Look at Cyborgmatt
22:31 - Apsû: About what we know
22:31 - Apsû: He is not from Valve or Icefrog
22:31 - Apsû: But he has a good influence on the dota world
22:31 - Apsû: everyone listen to him
22:31 - Apsû: everyone read his blog
22:31 - Apsû: he even make courier
22:32 - Apsû: anyway
22:32 - Apsû: I think Valve will one day make a suggestion sytem emdeded in steam
22:32 - Apsû: when dota 2 will be finished
22:32 - Apsû: imo
22:32 - Apsû: like the workshop
22:33 - Apsû: people will vote like in Greenlight
22:33 - Apsû: for the best hero, the best item, the best rework
22:33 - Apsû: and Valve will consider the elected
22:33 - Apsû: the most famous
22:34 - Apsû: you got the idea
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A Website Project About DotA Suggestion Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Website Project About DotA Suggestion 

Idea looks good. I'll read through again and give my detailed opinion as soon as I can.
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A Website Project About DotA Suggestion

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