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PostSubject: Mix your own Hero 

So, the idea of this thread is to make up your own hero pre-existing skill for pre-existing

we do not care how strong your hero will turn out to be but there is one rule to limit choices a bit: When choosing a skill, each hotkey binding can be only used once. For example, you cannot pick more than one skill that have Q as their hotkey binding but you must use each hotkey (QWER)

Use all 4 skill. No more, no less

Let me give an example as I find this difficult to explain. This is my wacky AoE hero Very Happy

Q: Dark seer Vacum (his Q skill)
W: Centaur Warrunner Double edge(His W skill)
E: Gyrocopter Flak Canon (His E skill)
R : Winter Wyvern Winter's Curse (R Ultimate)

By now, you should get the idea. I hope so....

Have fun
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Mix your own Hero

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