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 WGI  are creating a new Dota 2 team Empty
PostSubject: WGI are creating a new Dota 2 team 

Who we are.

Welcome, World Gaming Initiative is a multi-gaming community with members from all over the world. We have people of all ages young and old, all we ask is that you are polite, and show some respect, but most of all we are a community we joke around here and there. We have people 24/7 gaming and co-operating with each other to make a respectable gaming environment one where we show respect to others, trust to our brothers and sisters, and above all else loyalty.

We have multiple active admins, and moderators so if you have an issue they can answer that, we strive to make you as a player feel comfortable in our forums and chats. We also have many veterans online that enjoy helping new players in their game and to help them improve as a gamer, most of all though we enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

How to join? WGI Webiste:

Go to the link provided and sign up and make an application in order to join.
Once you’ve been accepted please take some time to read over the rules and conduct as well as see what other people are saying.
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WGI are creating a new Dota 2 team

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