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Looking for high-very high skill players for a dedicated and serious team run by the fine folks at

This team will be looking to enter and win tournaments and is out to get the best players we can get. We'll provide a High skill coach with years of experience in coaching to give the team synergy and training.

We will require you to play at -least- one game of Dota per day every day every week, and there will be at -least- one training session for the team every week. There will most likely be more of all of those things most days of most weeks. You are required to be able to make these training sessions and play Dota every day if you wish to join.

The first try out will be this Saturday at 6 PM EST, and there will be more try outs until the team is filled.

We don't care what country you are from as long as you are in the North America area and have a solid internet connection.

Those without a basic understanding of every role and the willingness to listen with humility to criticism need not apply. This team will be about winning, not about friendship, so please do not bring a friend and expect him to make it into the team solely on merit of being your friend.

Sign up at and make a post in the NA team recruitment thread to get started. There are no try outs if you're just signing up for the community itself, of course.
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[NA]Animus.NA Recruiting

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