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PostSubject: Recruiting High-Level Dota2 team 

Hello everyone, after disbanding my current team due to lack of interactions between players I decided to form a new, high level team.
This does not mean forming a new team only, as if a team is interested in contacting me they can. My experience in DotA and Dota2 is more than 3 years in which I played several competitive games and leagues (RGC leagues for example). The idea is to playe in tournaments and keep advancing to be in the competitive scene.
Some of the requirements that I would like are the followings:
-Single language (with this I mean Spanish speaking team or English, good level).
-Server: US East.
-Active and communicative players only.
-Microphone and Skype/ TS3.
-Assist to all tournaments and team practices.
If you feel like you reach all of these requirements, do not hesitate on writing me, remember that I am looking for people with a good level only, but that still want to keep improving and are enthusiastic on going foward.
Write me at:
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Recruiting High-Level Dota2 team

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