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PostSubject: European dota player LF team. 

My name is Tim, i am a Swedish 19 year old guy.

I am currently looking for a team to play in, i would like this to be a future competetive clan.
I have not so much experience of dota in particular, but i have played around 5500 games in HoN and i am VERY well aware about the game mechanics.
I have played around 150 dota games, but i have already got up into the "Very high" bracket and playing there on and off, maybe that is nothing to "brag" about but, still i think it is worth putting in.

I am currently playing all different roles, but in a team i would settle for the mid/suicide lane role.

As a person i am very calm, i don't rage out of games and i do not give up just because something happened in the game.
I am talkative, i speak both English and Swedish fluently, on top of that i sound like a brit.
I am looking for EXPERIENCED players, i can't stress enough how important that part is. I do not want to play with guys with skill but no experience, since the experience count in for so much.
I would preferably be teamed up with guys/girls around my age since maturity also counts in for much.
It is also important that you are NOT noobs at this, you know how to use vent/ts3/mumble since skype is worthless when playing competetive.
I am very very very very very very very very very active since i have no job/school so i am aviable for around 12 hours a day, if not more.

So, i think that was everything.
If it sounds like i will fit into your team, add me and we can speak on steam; bluep0wnd

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European dota player LF team.

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