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PostSubject: [EU][HS+] LFP + 3 

About us : two experienced competitive players (a few years of COMPETITIVE, not just dota experience), 22 and 24 years old, europe , speaking perfect Eng.
We're pretty serious right now , pls don't apply if you play dota for fun or lack experience in current meta and haven't played with a hs/hs+ team in at least 100 scrims.

What we're looking for :
1) (and probably most important) 6-7 days per week you're online at 17.45 CET , not later than 18.30 CET, and you can pracc until like 1.30 CET almost non-stop.
2) we don't care if you're a fast learner or even the next The International champion in your dreams , we aim high, but lower. be of realistic HS+ , you need to have hundreds of games against hs teams @ irc/tours/leagues.
3) your english must not be a bottleneck in your communication. if you're not sure in it do not apply either.
4) the support applicant HAS to be able to lead the team in the early game, but I'd prefer to do the drafts anyways. as for other roles - no other requirements other than decent communication skills and map awareness.

I'm actually REALLY friendly , I am the calmest person of all that are recruiting ppl at the moment, that I can say for sure, so if you actually meet the reqs. and want to achieve some moderate success in pro dota - contact me ASAP. But please read the criterias above again and make sure you comply with them before adding me on skype :

thx for reading, gl to those who are not looking for what we can offer! peace.

thx for your time.
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[EU][HS+] LFP + 3

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