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PostSubject: Dota4You is organizing games! 

Dota4You is an unique guild where players come together to play games.
We have both, open public games and also our own guild where we play games together.

The power of this community is that you can apply anytime when you want to play a game.
Games where people can play with other people at their own skill level.
By this we have created Dota4You as a guild.
People that can prove them self worthy may apply for the unique games hosted by the Dota4You website.

I have created this place for players because I noticed on how many teams were struggling to stay alive.
Also personally I have bad experience with teams, because of the goals within teams have to high standards.
High goals of getting better in DotA2 and having training time whenever they possibly can.
For me, getting better not a goal but a result.
I still want to enjoy games with people of my skill level and not with people that don’t know how to play a competitive game.

This is why I made Dota4You.
A solution of all these problems and a personal unique place for people.

Besides the Dota4You guild, you can also apply for open inhouse games at our website.
Games that can be used for enjoying Dota2 or to prove yourself worthy to be one of the guild members of Dota4You.

If you feel interested in joining this community/ guild, we have a lot of motivated players already with great ambitions.
You are welcome to join our open inhouse games.

If you are searching for a place within the Dota4You guild to apply for the guild games, You can fill in a recruitment form so we get to know you better and can test you out trough the games.

If you want to play any games with us you can register at our website.

If you want to know more about us see the next link:]About

You can contact me personally with steam ID: xterrorx117 (IGN: Swutsy)
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Dota4You is organizing games!

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