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PostSubject: Looking for active team EU  


I'm 24 year old competitive player looking for a DotA 2 team. Sorry for the listy application Smile

About me

-I'm from Finland thus I can speak english, finnish fluently little bit japanese and swedish.
-1050 Hours in Dota 2, similar hours in HoN.
-I like to play support, off-lane, woods / ganker are fine aswell, I prefer not to play semi-carry or hardcarry.
-I'm extremely active I hope you would be too.
-I follow e-sports quite a lot, cant say I'm up to date in current DotA2 meta, but that will can be corrected quickly.
-I'm thougthful I understand how team mentality works, but I'm not timid enough to not give constractive criticism
-I prefer intellectual type of play. This includes theorizing why something is used in current meta, why we won or why we lost and I'm not afraid to break the meta. Having played competitively my whole life I see many lacking in this regard despite playing good otherwise. To put it simple, following meta is not enough I want to be there to break it.

What I would ask of you

-Extremely active
-Skill mid to high
-Actively participating in tournaments
-Good motivation and overall spirit
-Know the basics of teamplay (do not confuse with synergy), knowing when to criticize, cheer, compliment is important. Keep the moral up whole game!
-Estabilized team would be bonus
-Preferably from nordic EU although not a necessity, lan events would just be so much easier to attent.
-Clear goal of improving, never standing still as if DotA is your main job Smile
-Ups and downs are part of gaming, never give up.

Please contact and highlight me in IRC @ Quakenet TrC or add me on steam TrC
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Looking for active team EU  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Looking for active team EU  

I am adding you at steam so we can have a "private talk"
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Looking for active team EU

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