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My DOTA 2 Beta Key Contest Giveaway Empty
PostSubject: My DOTA 2 Beta Key Contest Giveaway 

Hey guys, today marks the start of the May contest. For the month of May, instead of giving out $25 cash via Steam, I purchased a DOTA 2 Beta key and this will be the prize. To enter follow these simple steps:

- Head on over to http://www.dota2builds.com and register.

- Create a build for any of your favorite DOTA hero, be sure to include a very detailed description if you want to win the key. I’ve noticed builds without a good title and description do not receive many “likes”, rather they get “dislikes”.

- The build with the most “likes” on May 15th will be crowned the winner. For examples of past builds that won, here they are:

+ Tiny build that won in March (http://www.dota2-builds.com/view-dota2-build.php?hero=Tiny&id=337)
+ Bounty Hunter build that won for April (http://www.dota2-builds.com/view-dota2-build.php?hero=Bountyhunter&id=387)

Note: I decided to end the contest on the 15th rather than the 30th because I’m sure whoever wants this key wants to play ASAP (screw waiting a whole month, right?).

Other rules: Dislikes will be counted for and subtracted from your total “likes”. This will ensure that the best rated build will win.

• Only 1 vote is allowed per IP Address, I have the ability and an algorithm to tell if multiple IP’s of the same kind are spamming, I reserve the right to remove any builds that are up to no good.
• Other prizes include a custom profile icon, a gold trophy for your profile and an announcement of your winning build via Facebook and the site.
• Please keep in mind this site is still in Beta and there are many new features on the way. These include the ability to download your build directly into DOTA 2, a notification system, a friend system, and other features. Please let me know if you encounter any problems during your account registration or during your build. You can email me directly at mroy360@gmail.com with any problems.
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My DOTA 2 Beta Key Contest Giveaway

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