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What race would you be from warcraft Irl? Empty
PostSubject: What race would you be from warcraft Irl? 

I was going to make this a discussion but I thought I would just take a minute to blow your mind.

Ok, check this out. There is no better race you could possibly be from warcraft than night elves. especially a NE druid. allow me to elaborate.
If you're a night elf druid, you know nature in and out, right? so, you could potentially brew the most badass liquor and weed the likes the world has never seen. and it
would be completely healthy (hell, it would probably heal you.) plus, when you want to crash, all you have to do is go to the burrows and they'll let you sleep for 1000 years
and the best part? no one will stop you because you're doing your job. it's your job to sleep. oh it gets better.

All of your druid buddies are passed out for years at a time, and in the meantime, all of the night elf women are out there protecting the land as hot, scantily clad warrior women. they train
every day (read: get hotter) and in general are just the hottest women imaginable. Now, when you wake up, you'll be surrounded by lonely babes. Night elves would have the most interesting
sex lives possible. Just think about it, if things ever got stale you've still got an array of animals you can get dirty as (possibly less weird if she's a druid too, but anyways).

But that's not all, Night elve societies also have built in jacuzzi's (moon wells) so you can sip your crazy druid alcohol surrounded by babes in a glowing jacuzzi. as if all this wasn't enough,
you live forever and every other race that meets you automatically thinks that you're intense and wise no matter how hard you party at home.

and yeah, that's about it
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What race would you be from warcraft Irl? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What race would you be from warcraft Irl? 


If I was in a race of warcracft, I would be in the burning legion race (if you would consider it a playable race), and I'll be specifically the pit lord, able to abuse doom guards as possible and reigning down villages as I pleased.
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What race would you be from warcraft Irl?

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