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1. What's your current MMOBA game and why?

2. What do you think about Dota 2 presented on Gamescom?

3. What's the thing you like the most, and thing you dislike the most in Dota 2?

4. What do you think will happen to DotA (1) after Dota 2 is released?

5. What do you think will happen to other RTS games (LoL & HoN)?

6. How long do you play RTS games?

7. How did you get into RTS scene?

8. What do you think it is about RTS what makes it so competitive and a great game?

9. Why do you think you should get the key?

1.My current MMOBA game is the original Warcraft III DotA, i play 7 -8 years every day i come from work drink cofeee and play dota alone on garena or with my friends on garena or we are going to some net and therte we make tournamets and play dota but for me now i play all the heroes on dota i know all the items what they are what they are using for for who hero i play only -random Razz i buyed hon accc but its shitty game i swear no balance at all and that deadwood one hit and dead WTF .. sometimes i go back on dota wr3 played many times i can say dota 10 games hon 1 game .. soo I LOVE DOTA man

2.1 milion dollar tournament that is sooo serius no comment about that.. second thing dota 2 presented very nice every whre with valve ofcourse and ice frog with his website and much moree very nice presented..

3.nothing just the faces on the heroes are soo crazy but is ok Razz

4.its still be played more and more years to the point when all the people will know there is released dota 2 then maybe will not play any more dota 1

5.maybe still be played but will drop very low played and s2 will make it free to play with all the shitty items they have they will try but nothing hon=dead Smile

6.As sad as it is, I believe that there is only room for two MMOBA games out there, DotA, and League of Legends.
just dota1 and dota 2 hon little
7.lan play with friends and then they tell me about garena and then all starts Razz

8.I think that DotA is such a great game because of it's concept. Only ONE map, and 100+ heroes to pick from. No other game is doing it quite like that which is what makes it such a great game and so competitive.You get to figure out what heroes work against others and try to mold the best team you can make out of the available picks. The game is just so exciting and even though it's the same map every time, each game is different and exciting n and of itself

9. I want to play the game that I have been dreaming about ever since the first time I played DotA more than 7-8 years and i wanna wr3 that dota but i wanna some good graphiks some new thing but nothing to be changet and walla here is icefrog and valve with taht idea in 2011 that will be dota 2 and i wass so happy that my dream will be true that wil be new game with old things nothing changet just the visual thing graphiks and the steam .... and last thing i wanna feel the adrenalin playing dota 2

Thanks so much for everything, I really enjoyed writing this and I hope one of you spends the time to read it.
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Wha??? This is too late >.<
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that was nice + fast hope you enjoyed posting ur topic Very Happy
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GoSuJinZ wrote:
Wha??? This is too late >.<

I don't think he ment this for the previous comp, just decided to write a blog as his intro instead Smile

Welcome to the forum and happy posting nake.sekulov! Smile
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