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PostSubject: Somme D2P feedback! 

I really like this place so i'll make it my home Very Happy.

I've got some feedback for you guys!

-Update the hero page: This one doesn't matter much as i'm 100% sure you guys are already working hard on this section and it should be ready soon.

-Add a DotA 2 general discussion talk: last time i posted in the general game talk section for DotA 2 it was a ghost town and we were told i was used to discuss videos?

-The colors chosen for the forum background are too dark (well that's just me i think you could use something more colorful).

And one final question: Do you guys stream Very Happy?
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Somme D2P feedback! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Somme D2P feedback! 

No we don't stream since not enough of the staff got time or dota 2 to do it.

We are very busy and trying to finish the hero page we will update it soon

Our general game talk is here also we have a random talk right here

General game talk is dotacinemas not ours just so you know.
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Somme D2P feedback!

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