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So guys and girls.Im making this post to salute our boss Avalon and to say him gratz for founding this portla.I think all of us should show him the respect wich he desires.He actaully borned he got inserted with dota 2 egg by fbi new reasearch team).i think we should all tell him a big GRATzZ.And to give him a little present.

So my present is:

Gratz to founder  240683559-2226848-700_700

Palinca Authentycally Romanian drink that can go up to 92% grades of pure alchool.

Why am i giving this present?WEll if you didnt notice Avalon has Made a contest for 1 bet key.For the one not in knowing of the case 1 key is still wondering soemwhere:D maybe with a lil of help we can get it out :twisted:
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Kind admin Avalon, my I present a worthy girt to accompany this fine fellows offereing?

I present to you (and this breaks my heart) the . . .the ownership of my. . . I can't bring myself to do it Sad

here have this cookie instead

Gratz to founder  Chocolate_chip_cookie

(extra big, just for you!)
As respect for this portal. Keep up the good work and happy admining!

This is also my hundredth post! Yay!

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Gratz to founder

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