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PostSubject: Hello, peeps! 

I'm a 15 year old avid DotA player who spends most of his free time playing the game in pubs. By my personal judgement, my skill level is currently low to moderate. First knew DotA around 2 years ago, and Drow is the first hero I've ever known and played. Of course, she's been my all time favourite.

I'm super excited with the development and release of DotA 2 just like every DotA gamer is. I'm really impressed by the game's look during the International tourney. Almost everything is nicely done to the game. Just like everyone, I hope DotA will continue to be a successful enjoyable game for all both competitively and casually.

Thanks in advance for taking your time reading. Hopefully I can share my thoughts and opinions with the community on this site! ^^

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Welcome to the portal have fun and enjoy
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A well written intro, good job. Oh and welcome to D2P.
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Nice intro. Welcome!
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Welcome to the community, hope u will enjoy it like how I used to enjoy the DA forums XD
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, peeps! 

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Hello, peeps!

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