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PostSubject: Re: Hmmmmm 

Very Happy That's pretty funny.

Avalon, you gotta add more of them funny statuses Very Happy
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"Friends are like trees. They fall when you hit them multiple times with an axe."
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Quiet an introduction, lol
Welcome to the portal Very Happy
hope you make some posts around
....and then stay (:

Toxic wrote:
Icy what? IcyParadise? Or IceFrog?
IcyFrog, DUH
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Avalon wrote:
Wivot, you are given special portal status > somebody.

So you are no longer nobody here.

Well thank you, now I feel all special and such.

Quote :
Amen, the man is here.

STR1D3R says that whenever this guy speaks, he seems to ejaculate on his keyboard then press Enter.

Wouldn't that go against my avatar though? Or am I now stuck in a paradox?

My keyboard is cleaned up afterwards at least, can't have that sticky mess on there for ever. =P
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Congratz for being a somebody Wivot
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