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Hello D2P members of all types Very Happy, My name is Nemo, I am not a newby to dota, actually I play it for like half a year now, my steam profile is a nice lv, but because I play a lot with ppl I recruited so that does not define my skills. I plaid carry, dislike the role, now I play supports mostly, as I want to help my team win. My fav role is mid laner as that suits my play style better, but I can't really play that in pubs, let's be serious, how many times did you pick TA, QoP, Puck or Invoker or etc, called mid, and the last pick in your team was a Pudge, Sniper, Drow etc, that goes mid and ruins your game? Anyway, I look forward to know you all and maybe some of you better than others ;)
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Hey there Nemo! Do you know that your name actually means "Nobody"? But since you are now a registered member of the Dota2Portal, you are definitely somebody. Welcome to the family, enjoy your stay!
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Hello all

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