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PostSubject: Dota 2 Treasure Simulator for Android! 

Hello, i am huge fan of dota 2 and thats why i made us dota 2 treasure simulator!

This is unofficial realistic treasure simulator for Dota 2. This game has backpack with unlimited slots, all items are sellable. If you open any treasure you will be charged the amount of treasure itself + key (if it is locked). You are able to see your money in backpack tab. Each item has their Steam price and all items (corrupted, authographed etc) are included!
Currently there are four treasures but in the near future i am trying to add more.



I would really like to get some suggestions since i am planning to keep developing it!
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PostSubject: Re: Dota 2 Treasure Simulator for Android! 

Seems pretty good. Can't test it since my old-ass phone runs Android 2.1. Keep it up!
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Dota 2 Treasure Simulator for Android!

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