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NtHack cracked [29/07/2014] Empty
PostSubject: NtHack cracked [29/07/2014] 

Hi, guyz!
I founded cracked version of NtHack rof Dota 2! It really works!

1. Displays the purchase of the enemy.
2. Displays the range of towers
3. Displays the mana bar of the enemy
4. Displays the health of the enemy at the top of the screen under their icons
5. Shows Rohan's HP
6. Lights up your hero if enemy is near (600 range)
7. Highlight illusions
8. Show range of hero and MP with pressed Alt
9. Camera hack

Page UP - camera up
Page Down - camera down
Home - on hack
End - off hack

Download- https://mega.co.nz/#!BZ8zTJKZ!qb3szgoXzMQbjXj5Oisun14i-Hb0nok6jFyIuTZFdrU
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NtHack cracked [29/07/2014] Empty
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Not sure if this is allowed here. Also, please don't double-thread.
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NtHack cracked [29/07/2014]

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