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PostSubject: What or Who got you in to dota? 

im just wondering what got ppl into DotA?

For me it was a friend that was bugging me about trying this mod for old school Warcraft 3.
first i was like how can this be fun??? and i got tierd after some weeks and quit the whole shit. but after a month or so i decided to try it again and i got the hype and ever since that i have played it every now and then.
and i think i got around 600+ games with pudge Very Happy. (400 of them in dota 2) lol
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PostSubject: Re: What or Who got you in to dota? 

My friend got me into WC3, Unreal Tournament and DotA when I wasn't a gamer circa 2008/2009.
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PostSubject: Re: What or Who got you in to dota? 

Back in the day I played quite a lot of wc3 and Frozen Throne. Some of my friends and I tried to play multiplayer (cr*cked one, no b-net) over lan. We succeeded but were only able to do so in my house, on the two pc-s that were able to run it. Alongside classic wc3 and tft games, bundled with cr*cked version of the game came a map called DotA.
We tried it and we liked it. However, we were only able to play the game again, in my house over the lan. With time, we discovered game ranger, which catapulted us in the world of online dota, continuing our "careers" on garena and finally in DotA 2. I distinctly remember one of my first (if not the first) online games on which i rushed bloodstone on venomancer, and ended up being called "noob", "stupid veno no dps" and "omg idiot". I never quite liked veno after that, especially not the "dps carry" one.
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PostSubject: Re: What or Who got you in to dota? 

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What or Who got you in to dota?

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