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Hi guys!
I've been a member of d2p for a while now the main reason being my searching for a team about a year ago.
With a full year of membership but only a few posts, I've decided to end the drought and start to take a more active role in this community -- as a difference from being completely redundant database entry on some server.
So... my nickname is Dojitza and i play dota.
I'ts not the only game I play, and I condsider myself quite a geek
Anyhow, dota does take the most of my computer time so you could say that it is my "main" occupation.
I play everything except mid.
Yes you've read it right, everything except mid
This could have come from the combination of my nature as a player and my best "dota friend", who plays pretty much only mid.
Since I've ran out of inspiration for this introduction I'll end with this:
Feel free to add me and hopefully we can play some DotA.
Cheers! Smile
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Whale-cum to the community. Glad to have you.

Gossip Grave.
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Introducing myself

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