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I registered nearly 1 year ago to join a give away, but i was following D2p on YouTtube since the first videos. (and so far i won 1 NAVI courier which im currently using)
Time to introduce myself since it seems like the D2P lobbies are starting to be hosted again and i'm willing to join them.

I'm 24, from Hungary.
Since i havent played Dota1 (just some similar stuff), i watched every l2p or trick videos i found on youtube. Subsribed on youtube to D2P, DotaCinema, XVRogue, and some others. Their videos made it much easier to understand how to play more efficiently.

I've participated in N-Gage, played with such players as Ace from former Team Life -> Mousesport -> MyM.
Tried my luck in several Eizo cups, Gigabyte cups, and some other leagues, but never played in decent teams. Mostly i tried to gather some people i often played with, but the best results were so far to get into the best 8.

Currently i'm not that motivated to play in team, or at least i'm not planning to make a team, but i'd still play in one if there would be an option. In pubs i rarely play alone normal games, i rather play party ranked games or if there's no ppl for it, i play Ability Draft (played like 400 AD in 2 months and "just" 150 ranked).
Normally i would be support or offlaner, with 4800+ MMR.

I rarely rage, but i love to point out if someone is clearly making bad decisions or items. However i try to give alternative solutions not just keep repeating myself. I mostly just rage when people try to explain their opinions with random reasons or excuses, as the support saying he dont upg. the cour(220) because he needs Arcane Boots (1450) and keeps bitching about it. Or when these kind of people start to rage on others while obviously they're the main factors of the problem.
And that's why i'm playing on ESL 1on1. It's fun, fast matches, and mostly it depends only on you if you can win it or not. (Lets say mostly since i dont have luck with the heroes with crits Very Happy)

Keep up the good work D2p.
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Nice introduction. Glad to have you here!

Gossip Grave.
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Nice! Hungary ftw. Greetings. Razz

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I'm here for a while...

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