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PostSubject: Presenting myself 

Hello bros and sis from D2P!

My nickname in Dota is Gpeto91 and my real name is Gabriel. I'm from Brazil and started to play Dota 2 on august 2013. I have 22 years old, a System of Information student and I work with Software Development.

So yeah, im pretty newb but I like to read as many guides as possible and train a lot. I'm a very friendly guy who likes to play serious (despite the newb's mistakes...) As I study and work, I may not have much time to practice, this is why I try to be very efficient and focused while playing to get better. Feel free to add me on Steam! Smile

I like to play as a team (my english conversation, especially during games, may be poor) and teamwork in pubs really annoys me D: but I always do my best!

Thank you all!
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PostSubject: Re: Presenting myself 

Welcome to the "Club" im Lucifær we have allready talked by a steam conversation, you sound like a cool guy welcome to the dota 2 portal and the dota 2 school^^

Best Regards Lucifær
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Presenting myself

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