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PostSubject: [UK-Int] eVa Gaming | Competetive Gaming 

Hello. I am AssFace, Dota 2 organisation leader from eVa Gaming.

About eVa: Our Goals

+ To be the best competitive gaming clan/ community on any major competitive ladder/ tournament.
+ To be the most active clan/ community in any given timezone. Ensuring there is always someone on for people to play with in-game.

Currently looking for players to join our new team splintered off from another organization within the clan(which has one EU team at this moment) This will have the same setup and we will look to have inter-clan matches which will also help for practice sessions.

We are an UK/INT clan but will be recruiting players for this team from the UK/EU at this time, playing on eu West servers[GMT London - Time Zone]

We have a very strong console side also with Xbox 360 players who will be moving over to Xbox One!. We are currently setting up our PC gaming side and we are looking to branch out to PS4.

Notable Achievements:

Running strong and having 2 competitive teams place 2nd and 3rd on www.theWGL.com competitive ladder for Battlefield and the Black Ops 2 team placing 4th in Division 4
Contact us:

1) Visit website: www.eva-gaming.com
2) Create account for Forums.
3) Read this thread: Organization List
4) Choose your organization and click join.
5) Wait for it to accept your application, you’ll then receive a PM with further instructions.
6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people (add them on 360), and start gaming!

How to learn more about eVa Gaming?

Website: http://www.eva-gaming.com

Thank you.
-AssFace, Organisation Leader
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PostSubject: Re: [UK-Int] eVa Gaming | Competetive Gaming 

"Hello. I am AssFace."
Best intro yet.
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PostSubject: Re: [UK-Int] eVa Gaming | Competetive Gaming 

ur dickface
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PostSubject: Re: [UK-Int] eVa Gaming | Competetive Gaming 

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[UK-Int] eVa Gaming | Competetive Gaming

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