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PostSubject: Dirtnap Gaming Wants You! 

What is Dirt Nap?:
Dirt Nap Gaming is an online gaming community comprised of both Causal and Competitive players. Currently our DotA 2 section is twenty people strong, and building at really fast speeds.

Are We Competitive?:
Yes! We are always looking for promising teams to support!

What Can Dirtnap Offer Me?:
A Stable Voice Communications Server (Teamspeak 3)
A growing Community ran by capable and competent leaders - You'll always have someone new to play with!
A Coaching Program
A welcoming and respectful atmosphere for both the casual and competitive gamer alike!
Events~ We love to do events like gamenights raffles and more. We would love to have you join us.

What If I Don't Want To Play DOTA2?:
That's absolutely fine (and understandable)! We also support other genre of games, and have servers for most!

We also play:
League of Legends
Final Fantasy XIV
The ArmA Series (Dayz,ArmA2 & ArmA3)

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact any of the following people via our teamspeak or website:

MrImp though you can just call me Imp
Submissive Silver

In-game Clan: The Nappers
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PostSubject: Re: Dirtnap Gaming Wants You! 

DirtNap Gaming is the best! Ever since I joined up I've met some really good people to hang out with and game with. I'm HitC and I play Dota2, so If you decide to come check us out, hit me up I'd be more than happy to play with you or just talk.
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Dirtnap Gaming Wants You!

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