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PostSubject: New team[Lugnuts.Master]recruiting 

Introducing my self:
Hello my name is Alex my nickname is Alzeow i am creating a new team willing to be semi competetiv i live in lebanon middle east i can play on eu west/east and us east we r a team of 2 searchinf or 3 more players for my team i use ts3 and skype and have a mic as well so my frend will be leading the team [drafter when to push intiaton when to defend etc] ofc i can play any mid hero but i mastered a hero called the invoker    AND 1m 16 years old

what do i need
i need 3 decent knowledged players ho have a mic+ts3or skype+use ingamevoicechat must be from eu or middle east region
.4th role jungle supporter
5th role lane supproter
try outs may be in cm modes or pub game for testing ur atitude and ur skills i usualy play 4games+ per day after finishing homework and football i rush dota!
so plz if u think ur self rdy and decent enough for cm modes and tmm contact me at:
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New team[Lugnuts.Master]recruiting

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