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PostSubject: New team[Lugnuts.Master]recruiting 

Introducing my self:
My name is Alex am 16 years old i live in lebanon[middle east] i play on EU west/east and can play on US east i am a MID player high skilled as well iv mastered a hero called the invoker and ofc i can play any other mid hero...
i talk french and english i use ts3 and skype

What do i need?:
i need some good knowledged decent players for forming a decent semi-competetiv team i need es[cially a guy ho can help me with leading the team ingame leading[must be supporter] role that i am searching for are
.jungle supporter 4th role[leading knowledge]
.lane supporter[leading knowledge]
.good offlaner
each player must play all dota heros esepcially he s role heros
must be from eu or middle east region
must play 3hours+perday

So i usualy play all day week after finsihing studys i rush dota! am free all weekends after fooball so mostly i play all day week 4/5 hours per day

if ur frendly and feel ur self have TMM and cm mode knowledge and decent enough for a team ADD ME

Steam name:Alzeow just type alzeow at adding box and ull find me i am the only one nicknamed like that
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New team[Lugnuts.Master]recruiting

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