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PostSubject: [CRO]Looking for team or creating one 

Hello everyone, i will make this simple. I want to become a part of team which has intention to work and participate online tournaments. Since i have been searching for team quite a long time and unsuccessfully i can try to form team. Just to say I'm mostly playing support role but can try to adapt to any other. I want this really hard but i don't have fortune it seems.

Now I'm preferably looking for team in my region (I'm Croatian) or players to form one. I haven't lost motivation to become professional through this period. I have learned lot about dota during this year and improved my skills. Problem is that I still have school duties so one week i can't play before 8:00 pm, but second week I'm free from 15:00 pm(at weekends I can play anytime). Still playing support role(4th is my favorite) but I am flexible player and can play all roles and most heroes. Please add me only if you are open-minded, mature, skilled and motivated player(or team). I will rather work with skilled and motivated people than exceptionally good but egoistic and raging player who can't talk about his mistakes but only blaming others. I know its hard to begin with team so patience is needed and in good environment success will come, just by improving daily step by step. My opinion is that discussion and analysis of the game is important and infallible part of every good team. Watching replays and viewing the game from each point and perspective is must so mistakes and problems can be solved. Thanks for reading my post.

Add me on steam for further talk:

I'm not creating EU team nor joining one, but I will try to create team with players from my region if I find them.Also i need to find players who can play often(almost every day), by that I mean every night from 20 to 24 CET and afternoons if I am available but its important to play every day so it becomes habit.
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[CRO]Looking for team or creating one

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