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PostSubject: [EU] Looking for 4th role 

Hey, Rasta eating pasta are recruiting 1 person to fill the 4th role, secondsupport/jungler.
We used to be a 5man team but due to some internal issues we're now looking for a new player.

What we expect from you:

- A working microphone which you use
- Making it in time to praactise times
- Being able to put a lot of time into the game
- Have a positive attitude
- Being able to take and give critics after games
- No flaming on other players, in the team or our opponents.

We are using google docs for our schedule which we fill out for each week with our practise times and you have to be able to start playing the time you wrote
on the schedule.

We're ONLY looking for a Swedish player.

Add me on skype for more info or for your show of interest: revertShon
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[EU] Looking for 4th role

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