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PostSubject: Loking for Team 

Hi, I am looking for a team to play with, preferably with some tournaments plan or those who want to do smg bigger.

I play dota for 8 years, moved from dota1 to to 2 not so long ago.

-Have 1250+ hours of game
-Have 530 win and same loses (the joy of a support) I am usually 50% on win since I play alone
-I always play supports even at fun times, during these years I always picked supports.
-Have good micro skills (chen, visage, enc)
-Favourite hero: Warlock, Lina, Zeus, Visage, Sd, Es

-Dotabuff: dotabuff profile

-Obviously I can speak eng, have mic, a lot of brain (issues)
-Things I excel at offlane, full support or semi (role 4-5), roaming, jungle


Have little patience on newbies (I am sorry)
Thins I suck at: -Carry (actually I am horrible)
-telling jokes, but I am a funny guy

Add me on steam: Mangod

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Loking for Team

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