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PostSubject: Looking for Dedicated Players 


my friend and I are looking to start a Dota 2 team, with the intent to attend tournaments, and become a recognized force to be reckoned with, in the pro scene. We are both from Canada, so we only accept applications from US West, and US East players.

We would like to start by scrimming, practicing and eventually playing smaller scale tournaments. Once we win those smaller tournaments, we would like to attend bigger ones, and eventually the International. I won't bullshit you, this will be hard, and we won't make it to TI4, however with enough dedication, we will be able to stand a chance to make it to TI5.

Personally, I am most likely going to be playing mid, but my friend is not sure yet, so we are looking for every other role. I, as well as my friend, are firm believers in the fact that a game cannot be won without a good support player on the team, and Dota casters never give credit to supports. I am not like that, and I assure you that as a support, you will be one of the most praised. I am also looking for one person who is excellent at microing, as I would love someone on the team who can be a superb Chen/Visage, etc.

In order to apply, please fill out the following, or send me a message on steam. My steam name is: DOTAorGTFO.

Steam Profile:
Dotabuff Link (I don't care about the win rate, just like to look at your play style, item choices, etc.):
Skill (1-10, 1 being I just installed this game, 10 being Dendi):
Your Desired Role:
Favorite Hero:
Why do you want to become a professional Dota 2 player.
Anything else you want to get off your chest:
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Looking for Dedicated Players

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