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PostSubject: EU experienced support looking for exp team 

Looking for exp competitive team

Im 23, from italy, than gmt + 1 (plus summer time) fluent english.

i wish to play minimum 4cw games per day 5days a week, i prefer from afternoon to early night but thats not such a big problem so i can still up for late games.

Im looking for a team made for one purpose, be competitive, so be professional as i will.

My hero pool is full exept for some midders. but my position is 4/5

Fav hero:wr, Lina, vege, sd.

Active player in more than 10 teams, involved for a few weeks in over 30 teams.
over 500+ scrims played (probably a lot more)
2nd challenge cup 5vs5
2nd Dota 2 5on5 Weekly Cup #13
couple fast cups

I leave my steam profile so u can add me for a tryout or any question.

Pls dont add me fast learners, and people who are forming a brand new team without competitive experience.


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EU experienced support looking for exp team

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