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PostSubject: Casual DotA 2 guild (US East) looking for members 

Hey Everyone,

Dota is always better when enjoyed with friends! TP is a casual guild (EST timezone) that is looking for some friendly, skilled players to join our ranks. While casual, we expect the following out of our players:

* to be knowledgeable in game mechanics
* to be an active player
* able to play multiple roles effectively.
* respectful of teammates
* has a working headset/mic and willing to use it.
* 150+ wins preferable, but not mandatory

We are also looking for players to fill the following roles:
* mentor (help less experienced players learn different roles etc...)
* game leader (willing to lead overall game strategy, determine roles for teammates, loves to talk)

We currently have 20+ members and are growing daily! If you'd like to join, please either PM me or reply to this thread with a link to your steam profile and dotabuff page. The following information would also be helpful:

* favourite role
* best hero(es)
* availability


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Casual DotA 2 guild (US East) looking for members

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