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PostSubject: Casual with 850h+ looking for people to play with 

Hi, I'm somewhat advanced player (850 hours and counting), sick of pugs and looking for other people to play DOTA2 with. I can speak english fluently, use a headset and don't mind playing support, if the team is worth it (tho I mostly play carries/gankers). I live in EU and usually play in the evenings (8pm-1am).
I'm not really looking for a 'serious' guild/clan/whatnot since I'm studying and might not have time/will to play daily at fixed hours.
I expect communication (english, voice chat), cooperation and team spirit (aka 'omg u nup feed, gg' plz go away).

My fav heroes are Axe, Nyx, Slark, Phantom Lancer, Invoker, Lifestealer and Gyro (tho I can play Jakiro just fine too)
My least played/weakest heroes are Visage, Meepo and Pugna. And I ffff HATE Huskar.
My fav number is 4 and fav colour is orange Razz

If you'd want to play with me -
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Casual with 850h+ looking for people to play with

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