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PostSubject: Eu 2 Supports Lf Hs Team With Competitive Exp 

Hi. Let's start with usual stuff:

We are 2 supports, both from Italy (GMT+1) and over 23 years old.

Obviously fluent english. Using skype ts3 and RC
Both with 500+ scrims played.

I've been involved in more than 30 teams and my friend a few less.
We are looking for a serious/dedicated team with competitive aims, so no fast learners, no new team with players without competitive exp.
We are available from 15:00 (GMT+1) to early night.
We would like playing at least 3/4 games per day, 4/5 days per week.


1th in 3 fast cups 5vs5
2nd challenge cup 5vs5
2nd Dota 2 5on5 Weekly Cup #13

Add us on steam:
NesKi http://steamcommunit...561198009138126
LucKy http://steamcommunit...uckystrikecigs/
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Eu 2 Supports Lf Hs Team With Competitive Exp

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