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PostSubject: LF experienced Hardcarry EU 

We're a newly founded clan and we''re looking for a hardcarry to fit as our last person in a 5man roster. We are pretty serious about clan games and we have a goal to play as a team ATLEAST 4 days a week, with atleast 3 hours each training session. Thats 12+ hours each week of clan games, and even more hours of theorycrafting/watching replays when everyone can't play at the same time.

You need to speak and understand English cuz we're an European team, and you need to have/make time for the training sessions. We have a schedule you need to fill out each week so we have an organized plan of our training times of the upcoming week.

Unfortunately I have to put an age limit of 18+ due to us not wanting any immature people in the clan. But if you're 18+ and still pretty immature and can't take/give critics you're not gonna last with us for long.

If you're interested add my skype "revertShon"

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LF experienced Hardcarry EU

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