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Hi there, just a quick Intro..
I'm Mr. Yarrrrr..........
With a name like that you'd probably assume I'm pretty damn good when it comes to playing Tidehunter or maybe Kunkka and how very wrong you would be ;)

This is my first moba, been playing for a couple of weeks and loving it, according to steam I've racked up 216 hours played (which can't be right, can it?) and with an attitude of 'Screw watching videos, lets just play' I'm currently running with a 45% win rate, decided to take some time and learn to play a little better and hence stumbled my way to here.

Feel free to add me as a friend in steam I'm up for some Dota2 gameage most nights, particularly if your not interested in becoming romantically involved with my mother (for some reason people seem to shout this quite alot, though I am paraphrasing)

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lol it may be right! 24hours a day.. more or less I'll call you a zombie for earning 216hours only in couple of weeks.
Well I used to not care about winrate % before but then.. after playing for so many years I decided to actually try to get more wins than losses lol currently on 52%win rate.
Regarding romantically involved with your mom..I don't think anyone would lol.
The reason why people started saying that a lot came from League of Legends lol..
kids would add insults about moms.. so yeah. Haven't encountered one here in DotA 2 though lol.
Hope you enjoy your stay with us and if you want further help or learning try contacting one of the mentors Smile
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