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Hello, my name is wolf, account name wolfb34. I'm from the Netherlands and 14 years old, nearly 15. I have been playing dota 2 for a few motnhs ( 4-5 or so) and count myself to be pretty decent at the game.

My first moba was LoL, but I never really got into it. I didn't play a 'real' game of LoL at all. Then I played smite and awesomenauts for a bit.

I got into Dota 2 through Totalbiscuit.

I can play every role decently, but like playing solo mid, supports and offlaners.

I particularly like playing Rubick, Clockwerk, Windrunner and Brewmaster.
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Here lies the youngest member of the portal atm i think Very Happy.

Welcome to dota 2 portal the land of and house of dota 2 school starting from today i hope you have an awsome time here.

Good day to your sir.
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