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My name is Andrija , I'm from Croatia - Zagreb. I'm 20 years old soon to turn 21 , and I've played Dota 1 , HoN , League of Legends , Dota 2 for a very long time and you can say that I'm a fan of Mobas.
I've been playing dota 1 for quite some time and one of my favorite heroes are Techies , Riki , Bounty , Skeleton king , Ogre Magi.
I've played HoN for about a year didn't quite like it just couldn't enjoy it so much.
League of legends was my #1 game and I played it since the Beta I've got over 4k Games played in it.
And Dota 2 is my new #1 Game and I can't even describe it how much I love it at the moment, just can't wait for techies to be released >Smile.
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Znameh wrote:
just can't wait for techies to be released >Smile.
^^ trust me everybody can't wait Very Happy.

Welcome to the portal znameh hope you enjoy your stay here and make alot of new friends.
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Hello >:)

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