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PostSubject: The Dota 2 Legend 

Hey Guys! I heard about this Awesome Project you guys are doing and decided to join in the fun as well!
I'm not a Legend or anything just made the title interesting for you to read xD.
Anyway Here are some random information (not really random)
Username: Jmgt
Team : NxT
How many years playing : 6 years
Likes : Apple Pie,Mcdonalds,Dota,Dota2,Games,Mmorpg,Girls
Dislikes : Cancer Lancer , Anti fun
I've been playing in tournaments for about a year or so.
Was able to play against big time teams such sa Orange-Neolation ,Etec , Mineski , Dreamz , Chain Stack.
My role in the team : Troll , Hard Support , Game Thrower XD
Incase you want to add me in Dota 2 feel free to do so.
Servers : EU WEST , SEA
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The Dota 2 Legend

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