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PostSubject: Team Orbit looking for Recruiters & Squad Leaders. 

Team Orbit is a professional gaming community and membership organization located in the Netherlands. The eSport club is dedicated to being a resource for its members, partners, sponsors and other interested eSports organizations in order to improve the international gaming community and bringing eSports into the next level of professionalism.
But to be able to do that our Dota Section needs people suitable for specific jobs, such as:

-Recruiter 1. : You will go through the replays of new members, judging if they are good enough to join or not and telling them what they can improve and what they did well.

-Recruiter 2. : Your job will be to assign the accepted members to squads they fit in, for this you will have to communicate with the Squad Leaders.

-Squad Leaders : You will have the opportunity to assemble your own team and we will provide you the resources to go professional if your team is skilled enough. Besides working together with Recruiter #2 you will report directly to the Co-Leader. You are obliged to give weekly (short) updates of your team such as:

               1) What you think went well.
               2) What you think needs to be improved.
               3) How you will try to improve this.
               4) Your plans for next week.
               5) Your current team ranking. (only if applicable)

You are reasonably free to decide who will be in your team and what your training times will be.

If you are interested in any of these jobs you can contact me through:
-Steam: EddiexDz
-Skype: edplayspiano
-The Orbit Site: http://www.team-orbit.org/ipboard/page/articles.html
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Team Orbit looking for Recruiters & Squad Leaders.

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