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PostSubject: Support player looking for HS competitive team 

Im Looking for HS competitive team

Im 23, from italy, than gmt + 1 (plus summer time) i can talk fluent english and understand it without any problems.

what i avoid is flame, swear and complain during a match if we win or lose , i wish to play minimum 4cw games per day 5days a week, i prefer from  afternoon to early night but its not a problem i can play.

Im looking for a team made for one purpose, be competitive, than we will sign up for every single tournament. Ofc im open to watch our replays and discuss to improve team and my individual skill, i always do  that and id like that my team mates use to do the same.

My hero pool is full. but my position is 4/5


Active player in more than 10 teams, involved for a few weeks in over 30 teams.
over 500+ scrims played (probably a lot more)
2nd challenge cup 5vs5
2nd Dota 2 5on5 Weekly Cup #13
I leave my steam profile so u can add me for a tryout or any question.

Pls dont add me fast learners, and people who are forming a brand new team without competitive experience.

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Support player looking for HS competitive team

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