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I'm posting this on multiple forums to get my name out there.

My name is Taylor. My online handle is Rockman.

I know this will seem self serving (it is). I am merely trying to market myself. I am a brand new streamer (I just setup xsplit/ yesterday and bought a premium license to stream at 720p/30 FPS).

I do plan on buying a new computer to have a better visual quality. This should happen within a month.

I am 24. I am currently not enrolled in any post high school institution but I have completed my AA and have something like 90 credit hours, which I want to complete one day as an English degree. My backup plan is to teach juniors/seniors in high school at a college prep private school right out of college to get job experience.

I am supported by my parents; I fully admit this. I have a nest egg built up from saving money over the years (I have worked off and on part time for a long time) and I pay them rent to stay at their house. I currently have a part time job, but I plan to quit that in a month or two to focus on this stream and video editing for a youtube channel.

I have played since I was a wee babe, in 8th or 9th grade, I can't recall exactly. I loved Pudge/Techies in wc3 dota but I was a scrub. I played something like 1000 games of WC3. Then when HoN came out I played another 1000 games of that. During beta that game was fantastic. And then now in DotA 2 I have 1231 games played. 614 wins, 617 losses, which is a 49.8% win rate, which I need to correct.

I queue high/very high and play every role. My favorite heroes are micro heroes: Chen/Enchantress/Visage/Lone Druid/Broodmother/Lycan/Phantom Lancer/Meepo/Nature's Prophet/Shadow Demon/Brewmaster/Dark Seer/Necrobook heroes.

A few other favorites include: Earthshaker, Sand King, Axe, Doom, Clock, Magnus, Venomancer, Leshrac, Luna, Bounty Hunter, Nyx, Bane, QoP, Puck, Warlock, Dazzle, Batrider, Disruptor, and Rubick.

I can play most roles. My offlane with certain heroes is weak (the pulling heroes, Lone Druid and Prophet I need to get much better at).

I can talk in the mic while playing; I am a multitasker. I will do my best to explain my decision making when I make a big play or make a big mistake. I accept responsibility for my deaths (every death of mine is 100% my responsibility). I don't flame allies in game, though as Sing does I may vent to my stream (which if they have open may be rude but sometimes you need to vent a little frustration). I do try to provide constructive advice/opinions to my allies without offending anyone.

I think I can draft, or at least I can learn to. I'll get much better at it with practice. I'm developing a team, where ideally I'll play the 4 role (look at my favorite heroes, Chen/Enchant, etc). In addition to that, I think I can call plays and direct a team like a leader, but I still need to learn more before I could ever direct people to play against the best.

I will play with friends and with people who add me from previous games (if I think a player played well and was fun to be around, I always send a friend request). And if someone enjoyed playing with or against me and sends me a request, I will accept it if I think that player is good. Not trying to be rude but I do not like playing with people who play poorly or have bad attitudes.

I'm going to play with a few of my buddies who I have been playing with for years, and if you watch my stream you will hopefully learn at least one of them (his name is Negaton, a guy from West Virginia who had brain cancer, who is absolutely hilarious). I will try to stream the Skype audio if I can get permission from my friends.

I have one confession to make: I used to be an immature dick, but I'm trying my best to control my behavior to be a nicer person in game and out. I think I have a personality that people may enjoy (this is so subjective but I try to have as much fun as possible in every game). I'll be completely honest with you to explain why I was an asshole: my 2 year long term girlfriend left me years ago and I let that pain grow into some sort of depression (never diagnosed, so I don't know if it truly was depression) but I had a wake up call recently. I just had bilateral pneumonia (both lungs) and was more sick than I have ever was in my life. I couldn't eat for a week. I lost 30 pounds (not even kidding, I was 230 and now I am 200). I haven't had a soda in weeks and I plan on never drinking them again. If you don't know, a single soda (8 fluid ounces American) has your entire daily allowance of sugar. A large drink is 32 ounces, which has about 4 times your daily allowance. I used to eat horribly and drink soda constantly. I got fat. I'm on the path now to lose even more weight (to go down to a nice 160 or 165 lbs, I'm 5'7", a pretty short guy, so I need to lose quite a bit more). I have been eating healthier (no fried foods and as little carbohydrates as possible without going into ketosis) and a problem I used to have (frequent painful headaches) seems like it may actually have gone away. I haven't had one of those headaches in weeks.

I just started yesterday, like I said, and I streamed two games already. One was a Bounty Hunter offlane game, and the other was really weird (an Earthshaker game where I was solo safelane vs a Windrunner, and I had arcane/blink by 12:45, but I eventually lose due to my own mistakes (and my allies were pretty poor in execution, there's a pudge who rarely throws his hooks and then upon that rarely lands them) but I do not blame him for my loss). I fucked up a late game echo slam by pulling a PGG (was that the player? Maybe it was Bamboe?) (I hit blink and then echo, but my blink was cancelled and I didn't realize it) and I felt like a god damn idiot.

I look forward to playing more. I'll make some decent plays and probably a lot more shitty plays. I'm trying to learn how to play every hero that's competitively viable and even those that people think are not. I'll feed sometimes but I try to learn from every death. I'll try to help people learn. If you talk to me in chat in between games I will do my best to answer questions. I will ONLY run commercials in between games.

Eventually if people want it I will offer coaching. I don't think I have proven any credibility yet, so this will come with time, hopefully.

I think that's it. I have no idea if you will like my voice or not. And I don't play with music on.

TL;DR? Watch me have fun on if you want to. I should be streaming from around 10 to 12 PM EST to 4-5 AM EST every day from now on. If I miss a day or will start late due to personal commitments, I’ll try to put it on the channel headline.

(Holy shit I did not think I would write a 1250+ word essay about me and my life, but here it is).
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