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EDIT: Only UK players can apply so we are able to attend UK LAN tournaments (sorry for the confusion)
Team Maxus | Esports
We currently have four players in the team and are newly formed with two of us knowing each other in real life. We are all experienced Dota 2 players/competitive gamers and have a good understanding of the current meta. As a whole we are growing and learning as a newly formed team, we want to strive towards making a successful Great Britain team and in the future enter LAN tournaments in the UK. We recently had a full roster but our offlane player couldn't be active enough so he decided he should leave the team as it wasn't fair on the other players since we want to practice as much as we can. Once we have the fifth player we want to keep it a solid committed roster so we can practice a lot to form a play style and synergy within the team.

What we are looking for:
- An active player (specifically someone who can definitely play in the evenings, most days of the week)
- A player who takes competition seriously but can control his temper within the game so the team doesn't lose moral (We discuss problems in detail after the game)
- A good understanding of the offlane role and know how to play numerous offlane heroes (Dark seer, Lone druid, Clockwork etc.)
- A player that is versatile and is comfortable playing the safe lane solo being the carry if we want to play an aggressive trilane
- A player that understands the current meta/watches Dota 2 games
- Someone that has the confidence to speak their mind about the game (able to call out, discuss problems etc.)
- A microphone is required (We currently use Teamspeak)
- Someone who is mature enough, can take constructive criticism, independent enough and can listen to orders/give them
- An experienced committed Dota 2 player but someone who is always looking to improve
- A player that has an ambition to do well on the Dota 2 scene (We currently contribute/discuss tactics by using Google docs writing up tactics etc.)
- Finally someone who can be fun to play with and have a laugh

If you are interested you can contact me by adding me on steam:
After I have accepted send me a message telling me a little bit about yourself, after that you will be put on trial to see how you play and communicate within the team.
Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon - Bearserker.
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