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PostSubject: #Looking for a team without limits 

hey everyone my name is John im 22 years old and i live in sweden.
I have long time experience in terms of playing dota, played alot of random torunaments during my time and i have come too the moment were i want too become more serious and play in a team where the goal should be to play at the maximum capacity of every player.
Im play a fair amount of everything and can adapt and play basicly everything, i've been playing support in the most tournaments but i got very strong in terms of mid laning aswell.
So if you like what u read give me a Add or a message and we can see if i fit for your team.
My dota buff:
My nickname: Awien
roughly 1000 games in dota 2 and around 3000-5000 dota 1 games

Best regards
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PostSubject: Re: #Looking for a team without limits 

Contact me :
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#Looking for a team without limits

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