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PostSubject: [EU] High caliber player LF competitive clan 

Hi there

I am looking for a group of people willing to take Dota 2 to the next level and compete in online tournaments. I am a very dedicated person and willing to put everything into it.

I have experience with the competitive scene in HoN, where I have attended online tournaments. I know this does not necessarily say much, but I do not know what else to say to catch your attention.

Some information about myself:

Name is Thomas, and I am 19 years old (20 years old in a few days). I live in Denmark. As I have not yet competed in Dota 2 with a team, I currently do not know which role I prefer. I enjoy playing different positions/roles, but as of right now, I cannot tell which is my favourite. I guess you can call me a flexible player. However, I hope I will find a fitting role after a bit of scrimming.

Anyway, I personally do not think you can tell much about me from this. All I can say is I am very interested in joining a team and take it to the next level. I consider myself a very good player, and if you are a clan searching for a skilled player, give me a PM or reply to this thread.
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PostSubject: Re: [EU] High caliber player LF competitive clan 

SO hello guys am doing a new dota 2 clan and for that i need 4 decent players for plaing competetive games and tournaments. The player must know all dota rules. he must be older then 15 years old. Must have Mic and skyp.Must have a dota knowledge/experience.Must talk english.Must be from EU or middle east. and the most inportant thing he must be Active recently.Add me at dota 2/steam PoP.G^Alzeow
And if u are not a highskilled player dont bother to add me
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[EU] High caliber player LF competitive clan

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