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PostSubject: Searching for a solid 4 for the team[EU] 

"As secondary support on the team, the 4 will build towards the cheaper team fight items like Drum/Mek. The 4 helps on pure support items such as wards, smoke, dust when the 5 cannot afford it." the "bigger support" or a jungler such as enigma , chen , ench.

Team is recently made and has 1-2-3-5 we are missing that person that will complete the team. we use skype and so far we have a good teamplay. contact me or leave your steam in this topic and ill add you.
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PostSubject: Re: Searching for a solid 4 for the team[EU] 


Im from Germany, 23 years old and im sick to play support for public douchbags wich don´t understand how to play on higher level wich means, gameknowledge, fast rektion, take the possibillitys when they are given, just DO!! what you have to do and exept your roll and make the best out of it.

I wan´t to play games with level, not the regular bullcrap.. i take the games serious, but not to serious. I don´t like stressfull atmosphere while playing.. and i hate captains wich are to dumb to pick and don´t admit that the stratagie ore the lanecomposition doesn´t work!

I love to play hard support.. well lets say i´m forced to when i play pubs.. so i startet to love it and exept it.
My device is "theres always money for wards" most of the gametime ull see the wards on cooldown.. its a really powerful item. My mainheroes are SD, Lina, Lion, Nyx, Jakiro, Bane, Lesh and SS. Im born to play agrassive and i really hate carrys such as Void, AM, PA ,Spectre.. you just cant do shit on the earlygame with them.. sure it depands on the linup and how the lanes could be.. but thats another point.
I really love to play with Gyro, Alchemist, PL etc.. basically all carrys with CC ore some burst dmg wich allows you to kill early and dont be that dependent on luxury´s.

That´s my little introduction from my side. It might be that i missed some points but i guess we can discuss that on Skype if you are interested.

Name: Cyres the Bitchslapper ... ull notice me with a black picture and a white quad in the background.

Peace out

The name is temporarly so you can find me pretty easy.. usally its 2 girls 1 pudge... and excuse my ruff language... had some frustraited games behind me.

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Searching for a solid 4 for the team[EU]

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