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PostSubject: Searching for EU team 

Shortly this is my info

-Age: 18
-Country: Serbia
-Skill 1-10: 7\8
-English 1-10: 9
-How long have you played Dota1/2: 6 years
-Favourite 3 heroes: Pudge , Invoker , Rubick
-Best rolls:2,3,5,(allso 4 but not macro heros like visage or chen)
-Activity(days-hours):1-10 , ill do whatever team wants me to
-Steam account (Link):
-Skype account: dieselpwi

I realy wanna find a team which i will play for. Dota 2 is my hobi but allso my passion, i like playing it , specially captains mode which i can lead well,and make well composed and synergetic team,if i get the leader spot. School is over and i have time to play a lot now.

Hopefully some team will read this and pm me for further info Smile
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Searching for EU team

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