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PostSubject: (EU) Swedish player suitable for most roles. 

Hi there.

I'm a 22 yearold Swedish EU player.
I've had about 2 years experience of dota, been playing dota 2 since release basically.

Best heroes would probably be heroes such as: Lich, Kotl, Dazzle, Treant, Enigma, Magnus etc.
So you can say that offlaner/support is the most suitable role for me.

However I don't mind playing a gyro, troll WL, or a PL either. It's all depending on the team really. I just feel it's more fun to support, buy wards, counter-ward, etc.

So anyhow. I'm looking for a clan that needs a good player in its roster. I've been playing with my IRL mates for the last year and, unfortunately, they're all bad. I want to take the step up to a serious clan now and see what I can do.

Steamid : zakistaz
Nickname: Emperor Suizei / Iaria
Dotabuff : Just look me up whenever. All stats isn't ranked there though as I forgot to make it able to read my scores until I knew you had to change it manually (rofl).

Suizei - out Smile
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PostSubject: Re: (EU) Swedish player suitable for most roles. 

i added u on steam . our new team needs your support skills ^^ hope you join
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(EU) Swedish player suitable for most roles.

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