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PostSubject: Experienced OFFLANER looking for EU TEAM 

Good day.

My name is Corin, I am from Romania and I am looking for an EU TEAM to catch with.
I have 6 years of DOTA 1 experience and 1 year and a half DOTA 2 experience.
Furthermore I have a 2 and a half year experience as an offlaner.
I played for the romanian clan next!please (top 5 in my country).
In this moment I could play 2-3 hours per day, in the evening/night of course.
In the future 3-4 months I will be able to play 6-7 hours in the night (Long night).
I participated at different tournaments.
For future conversation add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/unsufficent/
Steam name: r3sp3kt1992
Nickname: Faith and a .69
E-mail: corin.mihut@ligaac.ro
P.S: I am also willing to play solo mid.
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Experienced OFFLANER looking for EU TEAM

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